Maximum efficiency
and savings
for the defrosting

Over the past few years, the demand for defrosting chambers in the food industry has grown. That is why we have used all the experience accrued since 1948 in the field of industrial refrigeration to develop equipment that is designed for this purpose from the very start. These chambers, designed to significantly reduce defrosting times, are intended for our most demanding clients who seek to defrost their products as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or increasing costs. These chambers can be used for a wide range of frozen products: pork, poultry, fish and any other food product that needs to be defrosted in a controlled and homogeneous environment.

Our defrosting chambers are manufactured with high quality materials: stainless steel in the inside, high performance fans, special chillers, etc. To provide you with a complete solution, we have designed mobile structures entirely out of stainless steel that optimize the chamber’s performance in order to create a high quality product.

With the efforts we have carried out in research and in developing new control systems, we can perfectly adapt our installations to our clients’ needs. With our controllers, touch screens and SCADA programs, we know in real time the status of the system, whether we are physically located in the factory or not.

Controlled defrosting
without altering
the quality
or texture
of the product

Controlled defrosting without altering the quality or texture of the product


  • Modular construction of cooling panels
  • Outside made of PVC or stainless steel
  • Inside made of stainless steel
  • Built-in protection for inside walls
  • Stainless steel hinged doors on both sides
  • Capacity for 2 to 16 removable racks
  • Racks made of stainless steel
  • Capacity for 500kg racks
  • Built-in vapor distribution system
  • Touch screen and SCADA program

We adapt equipment to the client’s specific needs in terms
of the dimensions and characteristics of the installation.