of temperature
and humidity

As a result of the growing interest from the meat industry and our ongoing commitment to meet the needs of our customers, Refrica offers maturation chambers with careful temperature control,humidity and air speed, allowing you to achieve the desired tenderness in your valuable raw material.
Our maturation chambers allow an exhaustive control of all parameters that affect the meat maturation process, giving you full control over them, allowing you to adjust them according to your needs during the whole process.
With our equipment you will be able to control the temperature, relative humidity and air speed inside the chamber, so that the chamber will fully adapt to the needs of the product and the process at all times.

Refrica diagram
Accurate control of temperature and humidity

These devices are capable of adapting to the high variability of the raw material, allowing homogenization of the pieces at the end of the process.
With an aging chamber you will achieve:

  • Increase the tenderness of the meat.
  • Increase the flavor and organoleptic qualities of the meat.
  • Increase the value of meat.

The chambers can operate with different aging systems:

  • Dry Aging: Unpackaged meat, in pieces
  • Wet Aging under Vacuum: Meat packaged with a permeable packaging.