We have
a tunnel freezer
for every

In the food industry, the need to freeze products increases every day.
To create an optimal freezing process, we need to obtain the -33ºC temperature as QUICK as possible.The quicker the freezing process is, the fewer ice crystals will form inside the product, thus preventing the breakage of fibres and maintaining the FOOD original texture Our ultra low-temperature tunnel freezers designed for quick freezing thanks to:

  • Very low working temperature
  • High-performance evaporators
  • Optimal air circulation

Freezing at a low temperature is especially required for boxed products.
We have a tunnel freezer for every application:

  • Spiral tunnel freezer ⇒ Continuous freezing
  • Cascade tunnel freezer ⇒ Continuous freezing
  • Tunnel freezer for pallets ⇒ Large loads
  • Tunnel freezer for pallets ⇒ Continuous freezing