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Restrictions on the use of fluorinated gases (Freon) have restored the predominance of ammonia (NH3) in refrigeration.

Ammonia is a natural refrigerant. It was initially used for refrigeration because it’s easy to obtain and has excellent thermodynamic properties.

Ammonia gas maintains a high-energy efficiency by offering a range of evaporation temperatures, as low as -10ºC for cold chambers, -25ºC for the storage of frozen foods and -35ºC for tunnel freezers.

We have a wide range of products (compressors, condensers and evaporators) to work with NH3, from modest to high performance applications.

Ammonia gas can be applied to a wide range of installations: direct discharge or booster compressors, evaporative or air cooled condensers, flooded or direct expansion terminal units.

We offer reciprocating compressors (pistons) and rotary screw compressors.

For all applications, the compressors must be open.

The costs for obtaining this gas are very low making it the most affordable refrigerant on the market.
It can be easily detected in the air by both people and electronic detectors even when present in low concentrations.